The scooter board


The scooterboard is a skateboard that can be converted into a scooter with a small handlebar. The ideal equipment for kids ready to cruise on your local pumptrack.




a scooter convertible into a skateboard.

We designed the perfect combo scooter/skateboard to hit the footpaths, your local skatepark or pumptrack!

Perfect for your little one the scooterboard helps them gain their balance and build their confidence so they can move on up to the skateboard –  when they’re ready!

The recycled marine grade steel handlebar is individually welded locally is easily removed in minutes  – this is every kids dream!.

The scooterboard – features a handcrafted locally sourced camphor wood deck with 5 inch trucks and 65mm wheels  – all equipped with Abec bearings.

Designed for kids from 3 to 8 yrs, the handcrafted penny-sized deck measures  55cm in length and comes complete, with a detachable handlebar (height 40cm).

60 and 80 cm handlebars are currently in production for the bigger kids and adults out there – keen to get into skateboarding (please email for preorders).

All wheels, trucks and handlebars come in black or white …so mix’n’ match to create the look you want!

Best of all – Wheels’n’ boards can customise the deck : send us the image you want and we’ll make it happen  –  laser-engraved top or bottom of the deck! *

The Scooterboard is the perfect pressie – helping  kids get into the scooter/skate world – at their own pace!

laser engraving option: $50 per 20x20cm graphic laser engraving.