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An eco-responsible wood…

We use locally sourced materials such as Camphor Laurel wood to create our products. While the Camphor Laurel tree is considered an invasive species, we utilize its unique cross-section patterns and earthy fragrance. We are conscious of our impact on the environment and only use fallen large branches of the native Black Wattle species. Rest assured, we never cut down trees for the production of our skateboards. Our boards are meticulously handcrafted and assembled in Byron Bay, Australia, with the wood being cut, shaped, stored, and supplied from a private property in the Byron Bay hinterland. Our designs, board engraving, assembly, and finishing are all completed in our workshop located in Suffolk Park.

…cut and craft locally…

The Camphor wood we use is sourced from a local private property in Nimbin, located in the Byron Bay hinterland, where it is stored in a large shed until it is ready to be cut and used for specific applications such as chopping boards, furniture, and skateboard decks.

Our boards are meticulously crafted to meet specific shape, length, and width requirements, which are based on our designs or tailored to the unique preferences of our customers. We offer three standard sizes, including the 55 cm Short board, which is perfect for kids and easy to carry, as well as the 70 cm and 85 cm Longboard options, ideal for cruising around.

…sanded and assembled in Byron…

To ensure a smooth finish, we use a 200g grain sandpaper to remove any rough imperfections that may have resulted from the milling process. We then fine-tune the sanding with a lighter 100g grain sandpaper, which helps us achieve a smooth finish before applying any necessary staining.

The type of wood grain determines the stain we use, and we use grape seed oil to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

…customized just for you.

We can laser engraved the boards with a name, pattern, logo or drawing on it. Customers can email us a graphic or use the wheels’n boards website online tools to come up with a design. The graphic is formatted and imported in a laser engraving software, adjusted (shadows, exposure, colors, and light) and aligned with the board shape.
Prior to engraving, we need to perform side tests to adjust the laser power depending on the design complexity or wood porosity. Engraving is done line by line and can engrave fine details up to 10 microns accuracy.

Delivered in a recycled packaging.

Our boards are packaged in cardboards and posted in reusable compost bags.

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