The cruiser (M)

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This medium length skateboard is perfect for people who love to ride. Handcrafted from recycled camphor wood near Byron Bay, each skateboard is unique with its own wood grain and pattern.  Customize your skateboard with a unique laser engraving design on the deck. Choose from two stylish colors for the wheels and trucks and create a skateboard that is uniquely yours.

Cruiser specifications : 70cm. long / 18cm. wide / 1.7Kg / ABEC bearrings

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The cruiser skateboard – perfect for people who love to ride.
Looking for board to cruise around town or hit the local pumptrack? Look no further than the Cruiser Skateboard! Made from high-quality camphor wood, milled from a farm near Byron Bay, these skateboards are built to last.
With its medium size, the Cruiser Skateboard is ideal for kids, teenagers, and young adults. It offers a stable ride that is perfect for cruising around the neighborhood or hitting up your favorite spots in town.
The Cruiser Skateboard comes equipped with 65mm soft wheels and quality abec bearings, ensuring a smooth ride every time. Handmade with care, the Cruiser Skateboard is not only a great ride, but also a work of art. Each board is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive a high-quality product that will last for years to come.
So, whether you’re looking for a fun way to get around town or want to show off your unique style, the Cruiser Skateboard is the perfect choice. With its stable ride, high-quality components, and custom engraving options, this skateboard is sure to become your new favorite ride.
Customizable: Want to make your Cruiser Skateboard truly your own? Choose from two stylish colors (black or white) for your wheels and trucks. Add a custom touch with your own design laser engraved on the deck. Whether you want to feature a favorite quote, image, logo, or tattoo, we can create a custom design that’s uniquely yours.